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We offer a variety of services. To the right you will find examples of the most frequent jobs we do.

  • Foundation Repair

    Most work we do for basement wall and foundation repair is brought on by the damaging affect of water saturated soil, especial soil with a high clay content, sitting against the foundation and basement wall of a house. Read More

  • Rotten Wood Replacement

    Most of the rotten wood repair work which we perform is done on houses with crawl spaces. The fact that crawl spaces tend to be more susceptible to moisture buildup is what causes the higher rate of wood decay. We can replace this wood for you. Read More

  • Floor Leveling

    We perform floor leveling in houses built with a full basement or with only a crawl space. The need for floor leveling can be evidenced by floors which visibly slope, doors which stick or no longer work, and by floors which seem to bounce or sag with weight. Read More

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